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    Our focus is on excellence in education for all students in all pathways as we work with our community to prepare each student to meet the challenges of an exciting world of change through innovation and creativity. Our staff work together to help each student do their very best and to create a supportive, positive and caring learning environment for our students.
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    Centurions commit to academics and athletics and show their strength through acts demonstrating courage and their willingness to support each other.

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    Centurions demonstrate their commitment to shoulder their responsibility to do the right thing by getting involved in the school, in the community and in global issues of human rights.

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Upcoming Events

Fri Apr 27 @ 2:30PM, - 05:00PM
Mid-Semester Reports
Mon Apr 30 @ 8:00AM, - 02:30PM
Ignite the Fire
Tue May 01 @ 1:30PM, - 05:00PM
Soccer At QCSS
Tue May 08 @ 6:30AM, - 05:00PM
Young Women's Skilled Trades Conference
Tue May 08 @ 6:30AM, - 05:00PM
Young Women's Skilled Trades Conference
Wed May 09 @ 8:00AM, - 02:30PM
Everyday Leadership and Well Being Symposium
Thu May 10 @12:00AM
COOP Integration Session
Fri May 11 @ 7:30AM, - 04:30PM
Track and Field

Success Criteria In Construction Class

asdfdsfMr. Rosenthal has been working with his senior construction classes to co-create success criteria for their projects. Success criteria give the student a guide to follow for judging the quality of their work and helps them identify the steps they can take to improve and produce better quality projects.

Last week they brainstormed some basic ideas and today they tested their initial thinking using some exemplars from the class. Students discussed the quality of the work and then improved the success criteria that they will use for the remainder of the project.




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Collecting Data in Science

adfStudents in Mr. Cassibo's grade 10 science class have been using catapults to collect data while learning about Dependent and Independent variables. The catapult design allows the students to increase the "strength" of the throw by adding elastic bands. Students learned that the distance their object flew was DEPENDENT on the number of bands they added!

At the end, they held an accuracy competition. Three students tied with BULLSEYE hits!






Staff-Student Hockey Game

adsfdfOn Thursday March 29th we held our annual Staff-Student Hockey Game which is a fundraiser for the Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation's Student Emergency Fund. The students iced a larged team of over 30 players and 3 different goalies shared the crease-time. While staff ended up on top of the score, everyone had a great time and the real winners are those who benefit from the Emergency Fund. You can find out more about the HPELF here: http://www.hpelearningfoundation.com/











Cooking for Others

asdfStudents in the foods classes have been creating delicious muffins for the Breakfast Program. This week they made Strawberry - Banana muffins that will be served next week for breakfast. This project helps the students understand the value of helping others in their community! 











Food For Learning


Thanks to our volunteers and supportive community, we are able to offer breakfast everyday for students. Please feel free to join us for a Healthy start to the day.

Please contact us if you'd like to support our breakfast program.