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    Our focus is on excellence in education for all students in all pathways as we work with our community to prepare each student to meet the challenges of an exciting world of change through innovation and creativity. Our staff work together to help each student do their very best and to create a supportive, positive and caring learning environment for our students.
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  • Centurions Are Committed

    Centurions commit to academics and athletics and show their strength through acts demonstrating courage and their willingness to support each other.

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  • Centurions Get Involved

    Centurions demonstrate their commitment to shoulder their responsibility to do the right thing by getting involved in the school, in the community and in global issues of human rights.

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Upcoming Events

Tue Feb 20 @ 6:00PM, - 07:00PM
School Council
Thu Feb 22 @ 8:15AM, - 02:30PM
First Aid (Coop)
Fri Feb 23 @ 8:15AM, - 02:30PM
First Aid (Coop)
Mon Feb 26 @ 8:15AM, - 02:30PM
Working at Heights Training
Mon Feb 26 @ 8:30AM, - 02:30PM
Immunization Clinic
Wed Feb 28 @ 8:00AM, - 05:00PM
Hockey Playoffs
Wed Feb 28 @ 9:45AM, - 10:30AM
Grade 10 Literacy Practice
Thu Mar 01 @12:00AM
COOP Integration Session

School Council - Feb. 20th

sadfaOur next school council meeting will be Feb. 20th at 6:00pm. We will have a special presentation from our Technology Department and will have a chance to tour the shops to see how hands-on learning makes a difference for our students. Everyone is welcome to attend. 


Revised Exam Schedule

adafdsDue to the bus cancellations, we are revising the exam / final culminating activity schedule.

The schedule is as follows:

Wednesday January 24 - Regular Classes

Thursday January 25  Period 1 FCA  8:30a.m.       No afternoon classes

Friday January 26 Period 2 FCA   8:30a.m.      No afternoon classes

Monday January 29   Period 3 FCA  8:30 a.m.      No afternoon classes

Tuesday January 30  Period 4 FCA  8:30a.m.      No afternoon classes

Winner Crowned

asdfToday CHSS Student Council crowned the winner of the our first annual Reindeer Hunt. This year's winner, Brooke Kearns, dressed up as Santa Claus to disguse herself and take the victory. Runner up, Austin Newans was an excellent foe, but conceded that Brooke's effort caught him by surprise!

Thanks to Ms. Young and Ms. Kyle as well as the student council members who organized the hunt.

20Time Project Symposium

adffasdfGrade 12 Geography students have been participating in a #20Time Project. These projects are designed to give students time to explore their own interests and to develop a learning or action project that has an impact outside of the classroom. Our Grade 12s along with Grade 9, 10, and 7 classes from other schools in Bancroft met on January 11 at symposium to share their projects and learning.

Check out the video below.

Special thanks to Ms. Gaylord for her hard work and persistence in making this project and trip happen.


Grade 8 Information

asdfafIn case you couldn't make it, we've shared the information from our grade 8 Parent Information Night. Click here to see the slides.


Final Culminating Activities 2018

asdfasdf​Final Culminating Activity (FCA) / Final Exam Schedule

Wed. January 24, 2018

8:30 am Period 1 Final Culminating Activity / Exam

12:00 pm Period 2 Class

12:55 pm Period 3 Class

1:45 pm Period 4 Class 

Thurs. January 25, 2018

8:30 am Period 2 Final Culminating Activity / Exam

PLP / LSP Final Culminating Activities

(Final day of classes for PLP & LSP students)

Friday January 26, 2018

8:30 am Period 3 Final Culminating Activity / Exam

Monday January 29

8:30 am Period 5 Final Culminating Activity / Exam 











Tuesday January 30 & Wednesday January 31

Exam Snow Days:If busses are cancelled due to weather, FCAs will be pushed back. Please consult the school website / Facebook or Twitter for details. 

Thursday February 1 – Exam Review Day

Teachers will be available to review exams with students during their regularly scheduled class time.

Monday February 5

Semester 2 Begins

Other Important Information

All students are required to complete a Final Culminating Activity for each subject and should know the date, time and location of each of their FCAs.

All students who are absent from their FCA will receive a mark of ‘0’ for this Final Evaluation.  If an illness prevents a student from writing an exam on the assigned day and time, a doctor’s note must be provided to the office immediately upon return from school.

Examinations and Course Culminating Activities will be run in their regularly scheduled classroom.  Any changes to this will be posted in the Front Foyer near the Main Office.

Students are to remain in the examination room for a minimum of 2 hours.

Once examinations begin, all lockers and hallways are out-of-bounds. The library is available during the examination period for quiet study.

Students are to return their library and textbooks on or before the day they write their FCA.  If textbooks are required for studying purposes, students are to bring the book to the FCA. If books are lost or damaged charges will be added to the student account.

Buses will run at normal times during the final evaluation period.

Grade 9 Math EQAO


Next Wednesday, January 17th and Thursday, January 18th, our Grade 9 Math students will be taking part in the Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics created by EQAO.  This assessment is administered to all students who are currently in Grade 9 applied or academic mathematics courses in Ontario.  The assessments will consist of two booklets that are administered over two days during regular class time.  Students can expect to see both multiple choice and short answer questions.

Unlike in Grade 3 & 6, this assessment will be worth 10% of the student’s final grade, which means that being in class on time next Wednesday and Thursday is vitally important.

Centre Hastings has a proud tradition of being among the highest performing schools in the province. We know that our teachers and students have been working hard to prepare for EQAO in an effort to continue this excellence.

If you have any questions about the assessment, please do not hesitate to contact your son or daughter’s teacher.