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For students currently at CHSS, e-Learning courses can be a part of your day school timetable as approved by your Guidance Teacher.

School Administrators will review course selection numbers and assist in making adjustments to the e-Learning course offerings based on student need.  Not all course offerings guarantee a seat in online courses.

Some important points about studying in the e-Learning environment are listed below.  A successful student in the e-Learning course will:

  • be responsible and submit assignments on time;
  • be organized and demonstrate an ability to set priorities and manage time to complete the work;
  • have access to technology to gather information and to complete tasks;
  • work well in an online environment with minimal supervision;
  • respond positively to the ideas of others and build healthy online relationships; and
  • set his/her own goals and seek assistance when needed.

Note:  If a day school in-class course is offered in e-Learning format as well, the in-class model will take priority over the e-Learning course during course selections.