Final Culminating Activities 2018

asdfasdf​Final Culminating Activity (FCA) / Final Exam Schedule

Wed. January 24, 2018

8:30 am Period 1 Final Culminating Activity / Exam

12:00 pm Period 2 Class

12:55 pm Period 3 Class

1:45 pm Period 4 Class 

Thurs. January 25, 2018

8:30 am Period 2 Final Culminating Activity / Exam

PLP / LSP Final Culminating Activities

(Final day of classes for PLP & LSP students)

Friday January 26, 2018

8:30 am Period 3 Final Culminating Activity / Exam

Monday January 29

8:30 am Period 5 Final Culminating Activity / Exam 











Tuesday January 30 & Wednesday January 31

Exam Snow Days:If busses are cancelled due to weather, FCAs will be pushed back. Please consult the school website / Facebook or Twitter for details. 

Thursday February 1 – Exam Review Day

Teachers will be available to review exams with students during their regularly scheduled class time.

Monday February 5

Semester 2 Begins

Other Important Information

All students are required to complete a Final Culminating Activity for each subject and should know the date, time and location of each of their FCAs.

All students who are absent from their FCA will receive a mark of ‘0’ for this Final Evaluation.  If an illness prevents a student from writing an exam on the assigned day and time, a doctor’s note must be provided to the office immediately upon return from school.

Examinations and Course Culminating Activities will be run in their regularly scheduled classroom.  Any changes to this will be posted in the Front Foyer near the Main Office.

Students are to remain in the examination room for a minimum of 2 hours.

Once examinations begin, all lockers and hallways are out-of-bounds. The library is available during the examination period for quiet study.

Students are to return their library and textbooks on or before the day they write their FCA.  If textbooks are required for studying purposes, students are to bring the book to the FCA. If books are lost or damaged charges will be added to the student account.

Buses will run at normal times during the final evaluation period.