Staff List




 MacKenzie-Coates, Shelley



 Hinks, Todd

 Vice Principal


 Allan, Liza

 Educational Assistant


 Allan, Rob

 English, CWS, Technology


 Armstrong, Kathie

 Office Assistant, Attendance


 Bird, Sue

 Co-operative Education (Team Leader)


 Bonter, Jane  Educational Assistant


 Brogee, John



 Browning, Sherri

 Canadian and World Studies 


 Cassidy, Rebecca

 Special Education, Science


 Caufield, Martin

 Special Education, Science


 Melinda Chalmers

 Special Education


 Chapman, Angela

 Educational Assistant


 Chapman, Tracey

 Special Education (Team Leader)  2116

 Cole, Katie 

 Native Studies  2565

 Dachlauer, Verena

 Social Sciences  TBA

 Dafoe, Kim

 Arts (Team Leader) 


 Davison, Vicki

 Educational Assistant


 Davenport, Elizabeth  Librarian


 Declair, Kelly

 Educational Assistant


 Donald, Danica

 Mathematics, Science  TBA

 Ellis, Chrystal

 Guidance Secretary


 Everhardus, Steve

 Special Education, English  TBA

 Foster, Bonnie

 Educational Assistant


 Francis, Tisha

 Arts, Native Studies


 Gaylord, Michlyn  Special Education 


 Gibson, Adam  Teacher


 Goodfellow, Don

 Physical Education 


 Grills, Cathy  Office Assistant, Budget


 Hannah, Lise  English, Technology


 Hollett, Brenda



 Johnson, Jacqueline

 Social Sciences


 Kelly, Peter



 Kennedy, Kendra

 Physical Education, Science


 Kennedy, Steve

Social Sciences (Team Leader)


 Langford, Lorelei

 Educational Assistant


 Lee, Chris

 Mathematics (Team Leader)


 Lee, Kathy  Educational Assistant


 Logan, Samantha

 Special Education


 Marlin, Patti

 Educational Assistant


 McGregor, Ian



 McKeown, Sue

 Office Supervisor


 Morgan, Lesley

 Mathematics, Physical Education


 Neumann Stephens, Kirsten

 Canadian and World Studies (Team Leader)


 Pascoe, Stephen

 Physical Education


 Prance, Tara

 Canadian and World Studies, English


 Potts, Kristen

 Educational Assistant


 Robertson, Anne



 Ross, Peter

 Technology (Team Leader)


 Rushlow, Edward

 Educational Assistant


 Saunders, Mary

 English  TBA

 Spry, Erin



 Stephens, Lee

 Child and Youth Counsellor


 Stewart, Sadie  Healthy Active Living (Team Leader)


 Stott, David

 Student Supervision Monitor


 Thompson, Bill

 Guidance, Business


 Vandenbosch, Lisa



 Walsh, Dan

 Mathematics, Science


 Wannamaker, Katherine

 Student Success Lead Teacher (Team Leader)


 Wannamaker, Kristin

 Science (Team Leader)


 Wannamaker, Sarah

 Student Services (Team Leader)


 Wilson, Bruce

 Canadian & World Studies


 Young, Amy









 Students' Council