Black and Gold Day!


CHSS spirit is strong!

Spring 2014



CHSS is Offering Another trip to Europe in March of 2015

This trip will be travelling to Belfast and Dublin Ireland, London England and Paris France.  Any student who wants to join this fabulous excursion can get the information and application forms from Mr. Goodfellow.  Europe Trip 2015  "Don't You Dare Miss It"

Prom Project

On April 8th, Centre Hastings S.S. was fortunate to participate in the Prom Project in partnership with the Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation. The staff room was beautifully decorated by Susan Bird and Susan Berkhuizen to create an inviting atmosphere for all. This year four classes of graduating students attended as well as two elementary classes from Madoc Public. Students and their parents also returned after school to try on formal wear that appealed to them. Many gentlemen were outfitted with dress shirts and coordinating ties. Ladies looked like princesses awaiting their Prom night and their Grade 8 graduation. They also had the opportunity to choose a silver or black clutch and make up that coordinated with the dress that they chose. The room truly felt like a fairy tale as student’s dreams were coming true.  Prom Project will be heading to Grade 8’s in both Marmora and Tweed during May. Centre Hastings Secondary School would like to thank all of the members of the Hastings and Prince Edward Learning Foundation for all of their coordination and hard work to make this event possible.


# parceque

In term one of this semester, Grade 12 French students have been discussing social issues as they relate to children and to teenagers.  In a world of Facebook and Twitter, our teens are facing unprecedented challenges of learning socially acceptable ways to navigate the world of technology.   The grade 12 students decided to face the issue head-on and after completing significant research on cyber intimidation, they gave an excellent presentation about the pros and cons of social media, based on data they had collected.

      "What next?" was the question that evolved from this presentation.

      After a meeting of the grade 11 and grade 12 class, the students decided to begin a positive trend using the hash tag #parceque ["because"].

The purpose is to promote positive talk and positive messages and to try, in some small way, to begin to eliminate cyber-bullying.   Since then, our students have done real life applications within the school and within the community to promote positive interactions. 

Here are some of the wonderful things these French students have done in the past few weeks:

  • randomly handed out carnation flowers to students and staff in the hall
  • gave out free Timbits to students and staff in the halls
  • set up a bake table in the cafeteria for students and staff to "help themselves"
  • left coins in the local car wash for people to get a complimentary, anonymous car wash
  • bought coffee and hot chocolate for co-workers
  • complimented strangers and gave them roll-up-the-rim tabs for them to enjoy a complimentary coffee
  • headed to the laundromat and put money in the machines for people to enjoy a free load of clean clothes
  • posted nice comments on friends’ Facebook walls using #parceque

This is just a sample of the many things these students have done.  And why are they doing it?  #PARCEQUE !