Going Bananas

On Friday, the grade ten Foods class tested their skills with banana muffins in their first lab of the year. Students collaborated with group members to follow and customize their delicious creations.

Aboriginal Art

Students in Mr. Shortly's class were working on "swirls and stacks" today in class. They are creating their own art that helps them develop a better understanding of Aboriginal culture and arts.

Cars in Physics

Using recyclable materials and elastics, college physics students worked collaboratively to design, build, test, and analyse the motion of their vehicles.

Teamwork in Tech

Technology students explored teamwork and collaboration this week. Mr. Allan was teaching the design process and mechanical principles with an introductory problem solving task. The challenge was to plan and build the tallest, free standing tower.

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Gamerama 2017

Friday Sept. 8th student council organized our annual Grade 9 Gamerama.

Students were treated to games and fun on the yard and in the Gym. Our theme was Emoji Movie and games included Fencing, Obstacle Course, Hungry Hungy Hippo. There were freezies and prizes for the winning team.



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First Ever Sports Camp!

asdf On August 30th and 31st, the first ever Centurion sports camp will be held at the school from 9 to 12 each day.  Click here for more information.

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