Leadership at CHSS encompasses a variety of extra curricular clubs and committees including:

Student Council:

Students' Council here at CHSS is made up of a group of hardworking, dedicated students who care to make a difference in their school and communities.  From Terry Fox in September to Christmas Auction in December to the Health Active Living Week later in the school year, they work with community members to bridre the gap between our school and our local communities.  They are role models throughout the school and their communities.  They work in close partnership with local charities and are always looking to make difference.  Their school spirit is unmatched and their drive and determiniation to make an impact on the lives of others is undoubtedly respectable.
Teacher Advisor(s): Rob Montgomery, Sarah Wannamaker


CHIC is a group of high energy students who exist to promote school spirit through a myriad of activities throughout the school year.  From Wednesday Homeroom Trivia and dress up days, to a variety of holiday activities and, of course, GAMERAMA, CHIC encourages Centurions to have fun while learning! 
Teacher Advisor (s):  Tish Francis, Lisa Vandenbosch


CHIA, or Centre Hastings Issue Awareness group, are students who care about issues throughout the school and community and, as a result, organize events to bring these topics to the forefront of thinking at CHSS.  Tobacco Awareness week, workshops and meetings on homophobia, and the Annual Drinking and Driving presentation are only a few of the activities that get addressed by this big hearted group!
Teacher Advisor (s):  Janice Bonter

Centre Hastings Secondary School Earthcare Group is made up of students from all grades.  It's a group dedicated to protecting the planet, promoting environmental stewardship, and improving our school's ecological footprint.  Members of Earthcare have planty of opportunities to meet new people, have fun, take on leadership roles in the school, and to effect positive change on this planet we call home.  Meetings are held every other week in room 120.  Listen for announcements; new members are welcome.
Teacher Advisor(s):  Kirsten Neumann-Stephens

Dance Committee: 
The Dance committee are a group of students that promote, organize and run the school dances during the year. They are a 'behind the scenes' group that ensure that DJs are booked, posters are created, areas are decorated, tickets are sold and everything runs smoothly.  As a result of their hard work, CHSS holds 4 school dances throughout the year, beginning with a 'Back to School Dance' in September.  The dances are held in the main gym, run from 7:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. and are open to all CHSS students in good standing.  Buses run from both Marmora and Tweed, to help with transportation.  All proceeds go back into leadership activities!
Teacher Advisor(s):  Michlyn Gaylord, Rebecca Cassidy

Coffee House:

"Coffee House" has grown to become a CHSS tradition.  Whether it's being held in the Drama room or the Courtyard, students come out in droves to watch  home grown Centurion talent sing, play instruments, recite poetry and perform dramatic pieces.   Usually held in the evening, once a semester,  Coffee House is sure to please the creative side in every Centurion!
 Teacher Advisor (s):  Jane Foster, Ardith Racey




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