Communication Technology

IIn these sets of courses, students work on many different ways of publication.  They start out doing graphic design, then move on to the more complicated strands, like web design and animation.  In 2008-2009, the CHSS technology department introduced the Animation Course.  There have been many great projects that have come out of this class.

Look below to see some of the many different examples of work that have come out of the Communications Technology courses. To view the .swf files, click on the images to view as a slide show. The .mov files will play automatically within the browser, while .avi files will load externally with the option to open as, or save file.




Aperature Science    Dragon Fire    Slim Fat  

Pepsi Cola   Claymation Soccer    Dodge Ball

Basketball is Dangerous    Metrocop    Awesome Jack

Stick Person   Toronto 3,000 years   Tech Slidshow

Slideshow         Alien          Cat

Blond Character    Male Character     Round Character

Cupcake    Fariy   I.D.

Lola   Round Robin    Tree

Villanious  Musceles     Zombie

Animated Centurion (Thanks to Amanda Kiss)

TV Tunes
          News Music

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