Youth Vaccination Appointments

Needle Injection

HPE students 12 years and older are invited to book vaccine appointments in Trenton on June 17 and Madoc on June 23. As spots are available on first come first serve basis, book before June 16! Learn more and book an appointment.

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Graduation June 24th!


Attention Graduates- Graduation JUNE 24!!!
Please read the document below carefully. There is a sign up sheet here for you to select your timeslot for your graduation. All of this information will be sent to your @apps account today as well.

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Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

Students in grade 10 and 11 will be writing the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test this year.  We have selected multipe dates in March through June to have students write so that we are abiding by Covid protocols.  This also allows students to have direct instruction in their English classes and an opportunity to try a sample test as it has moved to a new online format.

Test Dates at CHSS are as follows;

March 23/24 - Students who had English in Octo 5   (Feb. 1- March 5)

March 30/31-  Mostly students who are taking English  in Octo 6.  (March 8-April 9)

May 11/12- Mostly students who had English in Semester 1 as well as students taking English in Octo 7 (Apr.19- May 20)

June 1/2- Mostly students taking English in Octo 8 (May 21-June 24) as well as students who are in the Virtual School 


Students who are graduating this year are exempt from having to write the OSSLT.


More information to follow over the coming weeks!