Buses Cancelled Feb 5


All buses in the Tri-Board area are cancelled for today, February 5th, 2021.

Schools will remain open.  Students brought to schools will need to be picked up at the end of the day.

Follow this link for a recent letter from Director of Education Sean Monteith regarding bus cancellations.



Covid-19 School Screening

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Hey Centurions!  Check out this online, self-screening tool.  Remember, all families are required to screen their child(ren) for COVID-19 symptoms before each school day.  We hope this handy tool will help.  Stay strong and stay safe!

NEW Return to school updates (family responsibilities for COVID-19 screening and return to school, mental health and well-being resources, FAQs)


CHSS Student Council

Centurions Head Full Colour

Hey Centurions,

Your voice and the voice of your classmates matters.  We want to hear your voice, and the Centurion Student Council is one of the best avenues to express it.  If you are interested in representing your fellow Centurions to the school, fill out this form, and Ms. Kyle will contact you.


HPEDSB/Staples BYOD Program

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Hello Centurions!  We would like you to know about a partnership program between our school board and Staples Belleville.  Please click here to read a letter from our principal, Dayna Scaletta, explaining the program with all the information you need to get a reduced price on your own device.


Information for CHSS Families

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Staggered Start to School Year

  • There is a staggered start to school this year (Sept. 3rd- Gr. 9’s only, Sept. 4th- Gr. 9 &10’s, Sept. 8th Gr. 9-12.) 

Visitors to the School

  • Visitors to the school will be by appointment only approved by administration.

Appointments during the day

  • Students needing to leave for appointments will need to meet the parent/guardian at the front doors.  Please call the main office to make arrangements to sign the student out.   School number 613-473-4251

Student Fees/ Lockers

  • There will be no student fees at this time with the exception of a $5 printing  fee.
  • There will be no assignment of lockers at this time.  Students need to bring all items for the day in a backpack and carry them to the classroom.


  • Students should stay home from school if they are sick and a parent/guardian must notify the school.
  •  If a student becomes ill during the school day, they must be picked up immediately.  An ill student will not be allowed to ride the bus home.

Arrival/ Departure/Bussing

  • Students will be assigned seats on a school bus and must wear a mask at all times.
  • When students arrive at school on  the bus, they will be permitted entry to the school and are to report to their period 1 class or designated area.
  • Students being driven to school, or those walking, should not arrive before 8:00 am
  • All students will be required to leave school property at 2:45pm.

Timetable and Exams/FCA

  • Students timetables will consist of one class a day for 5 weeks and then they will  change to the next class. There will be AM/PM bathroom breaks built into the day.
  • There will be a final exam/culminating activity for each course at the end of the 5 weeks. 
  • Students can sign up for a guidance appointment regarding course changes using the following link: 

Lunch and Cafeteria

  • Lunch is now 45 minutes in length. Students should bring a bagged lunch to school and plenty of  fluids.  There will be no access to microwaves or vending machines.
  • Food For Learning  will  be  running on a grab and go basis ( fruit cups, cheese strings, granola bars etc.).
  • The cafeteria will be open to purchase food for lunch and there will be a schedule for students to access the servery in order to minimize the number of contacts
  • Students are to remain in their period 1 class for lunch hour.


  • Please return any school chromebooks/ technology by September 11th.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own devices to school for daily use. 


Canadian/World Studies

Canadian and World Studies (including Native Studies)



Canadian/world studies  

The Canadian and World Studies Department encompasses a variety of subjects: Geography, History, Law and Politics. In studying these subjects, students learn how people interact with and within their social and physical environments today, and how they did so in the past. Skills developed in the CWS courses include: graphing, reading comprehension, sequencing, presentations, discussions, identifying cause and effect relationships, analyzing sources, and predicting possible solutions to world events/problems. All in all, the goal of the CWS department is to encourages students to take ownership of the world around them; directing them to study past events that have been successful and detrimental to world development, as well as their environment, in order to make better sense of the needs of the future.  


The Geography program at CHSS begins with the compulsory grade 9 credit in Canadian Geography, offered at 2 different levels of difficulty; academic and applied. There is also an excursion to Toronto attached to the course to provide students with a hands on opportunity to study urban geography. Physical Geography and Travel and Tourism courses are offered in alternate years at the grade 11 grade level.


The History program at CHSS begins with the compulsory grade 10 credit in Canadian History, offered at 3 different levels of difficulty; academic, applied and locally developed. As well as the compulsory junior credit, CHSS also offers Ancient History and Modern World History at the grade 11  level and World History at the grade 12 level; for both university and college bound pathways.


The Law program at CHSS consists of 3 unique courses: Understanding Canadian Law at the grade 11 level, Understanding Canadian Law at the grade 11 Workplace level, and Canadian and International Law, a the grade 12 University level. Within these courses, students use critical thinking skills, inquiry, and communication skills to develop informed opinions on legal issues.


Civics is a compulsory grade 10 open level course that introduces students to the way in which government works, and how to be an informed, purposeful and active citizen. Students learn about the elements of democracy in local, national and global contexts, about political reactions to social change, and about political decision-making processes in Canada.

All CWS courses offer various excursions to places such as Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston and local destinations. This is planned so that students have the chance to see things first hand and experience different environments. As well, guest speakers are brought in to share their knowledge on aspects related to first hand accounts of events and employment opportunities associated with CWS subjects.


Feel free to browse through some of our projects below (and keep up to date on what we're doing) !!!