Update From Sean Monteith 5/19/20

May 19th, 2020


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Resources to Support Families During Covid-19 Outbreak

Fam Support


Crisis Lines and Counselling Support:

Kids Help Phone:

  • Text CONNECT to 686868 
  • 1-800-668-6868 
  • for live chat (midnight to 7:00 am)

Children’s Mental Health Crisis Line (under 16 years of age)

  • 613-966-3100

Crisis Intervention Line, Quinte Health Care (16 years of age and over)

  • 613-969-7400 (say crisis)

Good2Talk Crisis Line (Post-Secondary students)

  • 1-866-925-5454 
  • Text GOOD2TALKON to 686868

EAP (Employee Assistance Program) - if you have one

Addictions and Mental Health Services


Covid19 Specific:

TVO Kids videos

School Mental Health Ontario:


Mental Health Support:

Canadian Mental Health Association

Bell Let’s Talk

Hincks Dellcrest, the ABCs of Mental Health

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health


Support for Anxiety:

Mental Health Commission of Canada

Anxiety Canada

Mind Your Mind

Hastings Prince Edward Children and Youth Services Network, Parents

Infant Mental Health


Bullying / Cyber bullying / Internet:


Need Help Now



Parenting and Child Health

Triple P: Positive Parenting Program


Free Apps:

  • MindShift 
  • Headspace 
  • Breathe (Sesame Street) 
  • Calm (7 day free trial)


Social Emotional Learning and Fun:

Go Noodle:

Go Zen:

Cosmic Kids Yoga:

Sesame Street Videos: google sesame street social emotional learning videos


Centurions Think About Math!

TAM Banner

Congratulations to Grade 9 math students, Ellie Long and Ashlyn Elmy, who were accepted to participate in a prestigious mathematics workshop at the University of Waterloo. The "Think About Math" program is designed to ignite enthusiasm in high school girls for mathematics. It is a workshop demonstrating that math is fun, relevant, and leads to exciting careers. Only 40 students from across the country are selected and we are fortunate to have 2 students represent Centre Hastings Mathematics.


For the Love of Reading


Come relax and read in the Learning Commons with your favourite book or choose from the selection we have to offer.  

Enjoy complimentary hot beverages and snacks, participate in contests to win prizes, and join book talks to learn about new titles.

In order to participate, you need permission from your teacher.  Permission forms are available in the Learning Commons.

Permission forms and a $2 donation to Food for Learning are due Tuesday, March 3rd.

* This is NOT a period to catch up on work or use computers.  


Daniel Carcillo Talks Mental Health


Daniel Carcillo is a two-time Stanley Cup champion and mental health advocate.  After winning the 2015 Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks, Daniel retired due to mental health issues in combination with post concussion syndrome.  Since his retirement in 2015, he has become a mental health advocate and speaks openly about his struggles, along with how he overcame them. Ms. Stewart's leadership class will be supporting Mr. Carcillo's talk as we host him during second period on Friday, February 28th.



Canadian/World Studies

Canadian and World Studies (including Native Studies)



Canadian/world studies  

The Canadian and World Studies Department encompasses a variety of subjects: Geography, History, Law and Politics. In studying these subjects, students learn how people interact with and within their social and physical environments today, and how they did so in the past. Skills developed in the CWS courses include: graphing, reading comprehension, sequencing, presentations, discussions, identifying cause and effect relationships, analyzing sources, and predicting possible solutions to world events/problems. All in all, the goal of the CWS department is to encourages students to take ownership of the world around them; directing them to study past events that have been successful and detrimental to world development, as well as their environment, in order to make better sense of the needs of the future.  


The Geography program at CHSS begins with the compulsory grade 9 credit in Canadian Geography, offered at 2 different levels of difficulty; academic and applied. There is also an excursion to Toronto attached to the course to provide students with a hands on opportunity to study urban geography. Physical Geography and Travel and Tourism courses are offered in alternate years at the grade 11 grade level.


The History program at CHSS begins with the compulsory grade 10 credit in Canadian History, offered at 3 different levels of difficulty; academic, applied and locally developed. As well as the compulsory junior credit, CHSS also offers Ancient History and Modern World History at the grade 11  level and World History at the grade 12 level; for both university and college bound pathways.


The Law program at CHSS consists of 3 unique courses: Understanding Canadian Law at the grade 11 level, Understanding Canadian Law at the grade 11 Workplace level, and Canadian and International Law, a the grade 12 University level. Within these courses, students use critical thinking skills, inquiry, and communication skills to develop informed opinions on legal issues.


Civics is a compulsory grade 10 open level course that introduces students to the way in which government works, and how to be an informed, purposeful and active citizen. Students learn about the elements of democracy in local, national and global contexts, about political reactions to social change, and about political decision-making processes in Canada.

All CWS courses offer various excursions to places such as Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston and local destinations. This is planned so that students have the chance to see things first hand and experience different environments. As well, guest speakers are brought in to share their knowledge on aspects related to first hand accounts of events and employment opportunities associated with CWS subjects.


Feel free to browse through some of our projects below (and keep up to date on what we're doing) !!!