Students who are interested in representing CHSS as Student Senators with the Hastings and Prince Edward District School are invited to complete the application form linked below (copies are available in the office) and submit their applications to Mr. Pickard by May 3, 2019. We may have up to 3 senators from CHSS one of whom must be an Indigenous student.

Requirements for HPEDSB Senators:

  • Students must be sixteen years of age or older and entering or enrolled in year 3 or 4 as a full-time student at the secondary school or an exceptional pupil in a special education program for whom the board has reduced the length of the instructional program on each school day under subsection 3 (3) of Regulation 298 of the Revised Regulations of Ontario, 1990 (Operation of Schools-General) made under the Act, so long as the pupil would be a full-time pupil if the program had not been reduced.
  • Students should have achieved and maintained a good standing in all courses in the previous school year.
  • Students have demonstrated an interest and prior involvement in school and/or community-based activities.
  • Students as positive role models to peers have good standing with regard to behaviour, at school and in the community

Application Form